UFC is better than Wrestling.. sigh

Shane McMahon at a live event on Monday Night ...
Sorry Shane-O-Mac

So there, it’s in writing and official and all of that crap.

I’ve been watching WWE (and some WCW, mostly against my will) for like 20 years, maybe even longer. If these names mean anything to you then you’ll know I’m not just mucking around with a casual interest; bret hart, ricky the dragon steamboat, terry taylor, disco inferno, jake roberts, DDP, kurt angle, the killers bees. You get it. Countless hours listen to whatever the rock was cooking, or watching the undertaker throw mankind off the top of a 30 ft steel cage.. compelling no? The amount of shit that you cop i.e. bogan, blue collar, white trash (I’m asian looking, so I guess that’s yellow trash) for loving the wrestling is brutal and met with dis stain and constant mockery.

So I figured, it was always going to be my thing.. what did i used to love about April, fucking Wrestlemania baby!!! It was like my favourite day of the year, next to going to the Big Day Out in Jan (which I don’t seem to do anymore either). So sad.

What has wrestled me away from my former lover, dependable entertaining soulmate… the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I’m so incredibly and unhealthy-ly (good fake word) addicted to it. I just a massive buzz (like your first boner) every time I see someone get knocked out or kicked in the head. Ok.. they’re not leaping off turnbuckles or doing a tombstone pile driver but I guess the whole realism thing has finally (finnnaalllyyy, as the Rock would say) caught up with me. I tried, really tried to watch RAW a few weeks back and just couldn’t deal with the not so hospitalisation based trauma that wasn’t being caused in the squared circle as opposed to my new favourite area, the octagon. I feel like a fucking traitor. If I ever meet Ricky Steamboat, The Undertaker or Shane McMahon they’d see that I’m no longer a believer and I’d be ashamed and then cry like a man (that looks like chick and isn’t really a man). It’s like a part of me has seriously died. And you know Mania is coming up in a few weeks, I don’t even know who’s in the mix for this and kind of don’t care. It burns just typing that.

I write this after watching UFC 127 Penn v Fitch. Not even a really good one but still, god damn I love it. Can’t wait to see Jones v Shogun… and I think Lyoto Machida is Ricky Steamboat reincarnated. I think this betrayal comes at a good time (selfishly). Most of the good wrestlers are going or gone i.e. Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle (cause he’s in that other stupid franchise that I don’t like), Jericho. And then the ones still around Edge, Orton mostly… aren’t enough to replace my new combative UFC heroes; Machida, Forest Griffin, Clay Guida, Rashad Evans.

So there’s my complaint or more of a dilemma I guess. UFC is better than WWE.. sigh.


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