Developing Taste For Music (Vs Rubbish)

American pop-artist, Katy Perry.
Jingle vs Substance

A lot of people say they love music. I think it appears that you’re somewhat of a social retard to actually not have an interest in something that finds it’s way into every aspect of our world. It can exist in your personal space such as those crazy kids with the over-sized headphones (I like those guys), in it’s truest form at a concert or gig where true artists soar or fail miserably (I like that too), in between commercial breaks on crappy celestial radio stations, nightclubs, the supermarket, elevators etc etc.

This is where I feel clarification on what is love of music needs to be scrutinized just a little further. 2 types exist when it comes to appreciation. Those that truly do like music. How do you identify this vast minority, they:

  • they have a CD collection (or digital library of stuff they actually listen to)
  • go to concerts/gigs and support truly talented artists (or find out they’re completely a studio fabrication, which is always disappointing and I’ll guess commonplace for most pop popular artists)
  • wear they’re music on their person, commonly t-shirts and less commonly get tattoos
  • are most importantly are passionate about music. This takes many forms but if you ever see someone on the train with closed eyes, kind of not truly aware that they’re swaying sideways, tapping their hand on knee, doing that slow-mo headbanging etc… you’ve found who I’m talking about.

The other type who should be ridiculed at every given opportunity are those that like jingles, you know like in 1950s b&w commercials about laundry liquid or 7up or something. Most chart topping singles/albums are full of this meaningless, poorly written, emotionally vacant and jingly garbage that really annoys true music appreciators. I’d seriously prefer a jingle type person to be honest and say “I don’t really like or am into music” when asked the question as opposed to “I like Katy Perry and Kei$ha”.

Here’s the only thing to be grateful for when you read over the Billboard music charts and want to hurt somebody.. most of these artists have just one piece of shit album in them, not that they won’t make a 2nd or maybe 3rd (which will suck bigtime even more than the first if that’s even possible) but they will eventually go away. Yes they leave there legacy of dumping their rubbish on top of an already massive larger pile of rubbish but one can only hope that they spend all of the money on smack and pills, form a massive drug dependency based on their diminishing popularity and looks, then OD quietly in a back street somewhere half naked and covered in their own vomit.

Unfortunately there are those that haven’t met this fate, are ridiculously wealthy and aren’t dying of some exotic disease that they so truly deserve. Celine Dion is at the top of my fucking list…. I promise to dedicate an entire blog to this untalented, hideously deformed, completely hate-able creature from the underworld. I pray she’s miserable and feels guilty every moment she breathes for the crime on society she’s perpetrated.

Please note and this may diminish my credibility somewhat.. if you just really want to have sex with attractive artists who make really bad music, then be clear why it is you like them but make sure you acknowledge the difference. Ashamed as I am… I’m super attracted to Britney and just recently J Lo (I too was surprised). But I’m honest about just wanting to do them, not buy their CDs.

So the moral of this story is..

…if you love music, that’s awesome. It’s a source of ever-giving pleasure which demonstrates depth of character and taste.

… and if you don’t (or think you do but just listen to auditory diarrhea), be honest and say you don’t give a fuck about music and don’t be embarrassed about it. Go back to what your true passion might be… dressing up your dog against his will, looking for your ex boyfriend on facebook etc.


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