More Good Than Bad (Times)

Stone Temple Pilots lined up on stage.
Good Times - Stone Temple Pilots

I’ve finally worked out mathematically (because I’m so very awesome at math and counting and stuff) that there is a time ratio of good vs bad minutes that we spend on this earth (or whatever planet you’re from… did you notice this is my third set of parentheses in just one sentence ((I”m getting good at this)).

Anyway it is different for everyone but I worked out for me it’s approximately 80:1. That may seem low to you but I actually think I’m actually being optimistic, I originally started out with about 100:1 but thought I’d try to keep this post a little more positive. By the way, for the incredibly stupid out there, it’s 80 bad minutes to 1 good minute. If you thought this was by any chance in reverse you must have a job Disneyland or locked up in a crazy house, constantly sedated.

Last night I went to see a band, the Stone Temple Pilots. They were very sensational and was overwhelmed by lots of happy minutes, about 110 minutes to be precise. Then I thought to myself, I don’t normally feel this elated on a regular basis, meaning there are only a handful of moments during a pretty ordinary life where I stand back and think ‘wow, I’m really happy now’. I’d do anything to be able to bottle the feeling at that point in time and then kinda drink up whenever I was feeling down.

I guess it’s not that abnormal for there to be so few of these good minutes and for the ratio to be so depressingly one-sided. Some would say that it’s the collection of bad times that make you appreciate the few good times that occur. I’m not really a fan of this position but can’t realistic find a way to tip the ratio to something a little more equitable.

It’s obvious what gets in the way and it all centers around responsibility. Work, commuting to work, doing house work, doing home work – all pretty dull and easily falling into the bad times category. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike my job but very few people I know would work for free because they love it so.

Here’s some examples to consider when working out your ratio:

Days at work vs days on holiday
Good music you’ve heard vs mass-produced commercial shitty music that you’re bombarded with every day
Time spent in good relationships vs time wasted with life draining parasites
Time spent going to and from work vs time spent at home playing video games
Having a headache vs being stoned
Time saving up for something that you really want vs the time you spend enjoying the thing that you’ve waited so long to buy
Eating cereal vs enjoying a proper full breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes, hashbrown, mushroom etc).
And for parents out there.. Time getting thrown up on, changing nappies and washing bottles vs the Kodak moments such as their first steps, words etc.

When you sit there and work it out, it’s not all that great huh? There’s no moral to the story or great reveal that comes from this observation. I get that this is just life’s cruel game and it’s unrealistic for there to be as many good v bad moments – still think it’s worth complaining about.


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