Celebrity Prostitute Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...
I'm a whore that deserves to die

Not that long ago, you actually had to do something or being talented to become a celebrity. I don’t feel this is the case anymore. Or maybe it’s just the definition of celebrity has changed. For example, if you’re a renown actor, sportsperson, musician, you’re a celebrity. Now, you can make an amateur sex tape, star on a piece of shit reality TV program or felate a president and you also become famous. Seems a bit unfair as previously you needed to have a skill or talent that people actually appreciated, now being a sensationalist whore gets you headlines as well.

I’ve mentioned previously that I really like to see Kim Kardashian buy a violent death. She’s a talentless prostitute who contributes nothing (actually she does but it’s all negative) and yet was the most searched person on the web last year. And, she made like over 40 million bucks as well. I don’t get this and I kind of don’t want to. She makes a sex tape which I have no issue with except she wasn’t very good in it. But here’s the thing that annoys me..  girls (and I’m guessing are really young, idealistic and impressionable) want to be like her when she appears to me to be the ultimate anti role model. I’m not a moralist but if I had a daughter, I’d not be wrapped her idol dresses, acts and looks like a street walker, who is essentially retarded and would have my daughter thinking that this is what boys really want and encouraging her to pop her cherry by the time she was 11. I guess Paris is to blame for similar influences. I hate her too.

There used to be a time when a total prostitute like Kim Kardashian would only get famous for say, hooking up with an A grade celebrity who was on a drug fueled bender and willing to fuck really anything that was presented in front of him. Then after waking up in a hospital bed resulting from both a near death overdose, coupled with the myriad of STDs that he got from his hooker hookup, would see clearly, apologise emotionally to the public and dump her in Guinness record time.

Then the fun bit happens.. there is then zero interest in her from anyone, press, fans, anyone. Realising this, she’s then replicates her ex’s drugged fueled bender but this time, no one gives a shit about what’s going on and she’s allowed, uninterrupted to funnel a death sentence volume of drugs into her pin cushion arms, is found throwing up outside a nightclub (of which no one cares enough to intervene), passes out in a nearby dumpster and then is found 15 days later, significantly decomposed. This picture gets out and is the last image we see and remember of her (then completely forget about say a week later).

I look forward to this fate be falling Kim and all of the sub-human Kardashians for the pure evil they perpetrate on the world. Then, we don’t have to put up with seeing her anymore. I’d like to see a version of her show called Burying the Kardashians. If only I could host and get to personally dispatch her, I’d be most pleased.


14 thoughts on “Celebrity Prostitute Kim Kardashian

  1. Too true. True on so many levels.

    Reality shows do not help at all! In fact, they promote the apparent “get my gentalia out and I will be rich” craze that appears to have gone global. I would rather nail my eyelids to be a burning building than spend 5 minutes in the presence of someone like that.

    What on Earth has happened to becoming famous for a talent?

    • hi eloquent. had a feeling that we’d share this opinion on this incredible waste of human space.
      it’s weird that this post is getting a large number of hits because people are searching on Kim Kardashian. I wonder… does this make me part of the problem?

      • I’m sure that’s coming at some stage but I’m totally OK with being hated by people that are dumb. I can’t imagine any fan of hers is going to be my ongoing intellectual nemesis, a Moriarty to my Holmes so to speak.

  2. Quite!
    In fact, I am sure that her “fans”, (I use the word “fans” quite loosely as I am not sure it is the right choice of word) will not be able to understand the post! It will be the usual “DIE” that I seem to get when I post!

    • I really struggle to get past their completely stupidity to even look (damn, that’s deep). The strange thing is that it’s obvious to people with mild intelligence that they’re exploitative, sensationalists yet, super popular. Sigh.

  3. I’m glad that other people see this fucking dirty prostitute for what she is. Whores who flaunt themselves in the manner deserve to get their faces punched in a little bit. Every guy who comes into contact with sluts such as her should take their cock out and rub it allover her, that’d teach her to walk round like a slut all day.

    • I just don’t think she’s even worth getting naked for. That’s kind of the problem, this pretty much nobody/nothing celebrity shouldn’t get the attention that she is. Guess that’s more of a problem with what people are into. Snooki, Paris Hilton and most of the news presenters on Fox News, same boat.


    I am 30 years old and act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My dream was always to become a princess, but I became an anal porn star but I still think I am a princess. My body is full of plastic surgery. My boobs, azz, lips, teeth, cheeks, nose, facelift etc. are all bought and paid for, courtesy of a plastic surgeon. The reason why my hair is beautiful is because its fake. I was also jealous of Paris Hilton and put out a SEX TAPE because she did. I idolized Paris Hilton. I used to hang on her like a koala bear all the time, to get my picture taken by the paparazzi. Until 2007 I did cocaine. I know there are pictures as proof, but I will deny it forever.

    My pimp mother, Kris, fvcked the pool boy while my father, Robert Kardashian, was at work. He was one of the lawyers that helped keep OJ Simpson out of jail after he killed Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole. Anyway, the result was my pathetic half gorilla sister Khloe, who is a whore just like me. Whenever my mouth is moving I am lying, as I am INCAPABLE of telling the truth about anything. I pretend that if I lie about things people will eventually believe it. The way I walk, talk, and laugh is fake; and if you look into my eyes you can even see that my soul is fake. I have no personality at all!

    Although I pretended to be upset by the sex tape, I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment, and they paid me $5 million to expose my nasty self. Ray J had nothing to do with the leaked sex tape. I tricked him into making a porn film with me for distribution. My former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, knows what happened! I am just waiting for him, and many more, to come out and reveal how I really am.
    I exploit my FAKE body all of the time because I lack intelligence, class, dignity, self-respect, elegance, and morals. I really am a very dirty woman.

    My ex husband Damon Thomas whom I married at the age of 19 in Las Vegas publicly called me: untalented, a trashy whore, desperate, a plastic surgery addict, a backstabber (to my family), and a cheater. I have no real friends because I have misused and stepped on everybody that has come my way for fame. I am currently using social medias to snake my way in to other celebrity’s lives for friendship and publicity. I show up like a diva to all kind of award shows that I have NO business at all to attend. The only award show I should attend is the AVN. I call the paparazzi myself. I learned that trick from Paris Hilton, but I’m too cheap to buy their lunch like she does.

    I have NO talent what so ever. I was thrown off Dancing with the Stars on the second week. I made a work out video that clearly shows I have never worked out in my life. I did a test shoot for Playboy, but after seeing the proofs they refuse to acknowledge me. I got a Razzie for my horrendous performance in the parody Disaster Movie. I should have gotten one for my sextape as well. My song JAM, I have no words for. It is the most annoying and pitiful song in history. I sing like an unmusical, tone deaf, four year old who wants a cookie from Grandma. Anybody who don’t like me for the rotten and lying whore that I am I call haters or jealous!

    We, the Kardashians, call each other dolls, and I alone have tainted the pussycat dolls by heisting their concept. I pretend that I care about others, but I could not care less. I only care about myself. I tried to fvck over children by selling them an insane debit Master Card with predatory fees. It was unfortunately taken off the market after 1 week under threat of legal action from several states. Thankfully I found a new way to rip off the kids with glam silly bandz. Over weight children should skip normal diet & exercise and do shady diet pills or lipo-suction like me.

    I Stole $120k from Ray J and Brandy’s mother, Sonja Norwood, credit card. After being busted I paid her back with the money I got from the sex tape I made with her son. That’s the circle life, Mrs. Norwood. The clothes at Dash are pure knock offs from top brands and designers. I don’t even know how to sew on a button or sketch anything. But I call myself a fashion designer. The logo on my perfumes is a complete rip of from Korcula creator Lindley Bertin.

    For World AIDS Day I went off social medias until my fans had raised $1M.
    I was confident that within 12 hours I would be back. Seven days later I had to be bailed out by a billionaire who wanted to spare me shame. This is how much my «fans» value and missed me.

    I have never been single because I am to scared to spend time with myself. I am looking very much forward to the day my grand children sits on my lap and ask me if I am an anal porn star because that’s what everybody in kindergarten will say.
    I also love to flaunt my gigantic fake hippo azz. It’s my calling card for any rich Black man that wants to ram my azz hard and move on! Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, Scott Storch, Fabolous, The Game, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Tyson Beckford, William ‘Ray J’ Norwood, Reggie Bush, Christiano, Chengo (The Bodyguard is one of my favorite movies ever) Miles Austin, Gabriel Aubry (only because everybody said I was only into black guys) Kanye West, and soon Kris Humpries; are just a FEW of the men that have ALL fvcked, pissed in my mouth, AND dumped me. They know that I am trash and that brings their reputations down to the gutter with mine. I will fvck anyone for publicity. I have had many STDs, but the only one I have now is herpes (got that from Paris too). I am pathetic, plastic, and terribly insecure.

    I am a national and international joke, and gave out my own ANAL/PISS SEX TAPE to get famous. I am a human toilet. I am clearly a very sick human being and I’m 100% shameless. I am the filthiest famewhore in the whole wide world!

    I am Kim Kardashian… Superstar

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