The End Is Nigh, Just Not Yet

Sarah Connor (Terminator)
My Soldier In The End Of Days

So some really ridiculous religious fanatic (Harold Camping) was trying to convince the world (and his semi literate followers) that the world was going to end on 21 May. What is awesomely funny given that today it’s 22 May and that the Family Radio website had this counter telling you how many days till the Rapture hit. God (literally) dammit! Harold and his super brainy congregation must be so disappointed by the whole thing. I’d like the think that they were so convinced of this inevitability that they blew all of their earthly savings on frivolous shit or gave their money away to relatives who have no intention of returning it and will now spend the rest of their lives penniless and without spiritual direction.

I can’t feel sorry for such dumb people. They take the bits out of the bible that supports their theory then apply it so friggin literally to then estimate an end-day based a bunch of ridiculous assumptions. I”m guessing old Harold noticing that the number 21 appears,  I don’t know say 5 times, maybe on page 2011. Creepy. I don’t really want these type of people circulating with the rest of us. If they have a death wish, they should do what ever other decent fanatical cult has done in years past A) lock themselves (excluding children and pets please) in a house and burn it. And preferably not a nice house or B) on the day and time in question, gather together and we find them about a week later, dead from self consumed poisoning.

The sad thing is that there’s always the next group hell bent on getting ready for predicting our collective death. I’ve heard that we’ve gotta watch out for some time on November this year. I think it’s the Mayan prophecy which formed the basis for worst John Cusack film I’ve ever seen, 2012. John Cusack? In some of my favorite and most loathed movies (kind of like Nick Cage). Weird.

Anyway, I thought that we were all quite clear how the world was going to end:..

– Computers become self aware, realise they do all the hard work then fire nukes at opposing superpowers. Then terminator type robots with Bavarian accents start killing all survivors and one very hot but hard to take down Linda Hamilton.

– Or some mad professor build a time machine out of a sports car and young American teen travels back in time but screws out something in the past altering the space-time continuum, then tries to resolve by traveling forward in time and meets his future self hence causing disruption in space/time (or something like that) resulting in the world blowing up.

– and if we were to go biblical, isn’t there supposed to be some signs of mass destruction before everything goes dark? You know plagues, floods, locusts and some scary dudes on horses (look out for the one on a pale horse) messing things up a little. If this is the way it goes down, looks like we’ll get ample warning. Watch the Seventh Seal with Demi Moore and the super underated Michael Biehn.. it explains the whole thing nicely.

Let’s finish this one with a passage from the book of Kardasian. Kim “I’m confused, why does everyone think the world is gonna end today?” Only God can determine that!” Khloe “Amen, Kimmie!”. Maybe I’m wrong about those two..  they have some much to contribute.


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