When’s The Last Time You’ve…

Original PAL SNES
More Time To Play Donkey Kong

There used to be a time when I had to think of things to fill in my day where I enjoyed the freedom of not having everyday appear very much like the day before and inevitably the day after. I know that complaining about routine is pretty standard fare but I’d love to just have a day every once in a while where I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to, didn’t have to check a calender to see what I’m supposed to be doing and just be faced with some genuine, guilt free time. Life as a supposed grown up doesn’t really provide much of that opportunity.

So this moodiness comes from where? I was washing the dishes this evening (again, just one of those things that you don’t want but are supposed to do) and was listening to “Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley, always a great listen when you want to be self indulgently depressed. Anyway, led me to consider the last time that I actually listened to anything without doing something else, washing dishes, working, driving etc etc. I used to listen to entire albums, sometimes in the dark and just sit there listening with no interruption and complete focus. You know you love music when you can do this and it can bring you to some really interesting places. For example, try listening to “Something I Can Never Have” by Nine Inch Nails after you’ve been dumped … dark, very dark.

Here’s a list of some things that I did when I was much, much younger and as significantly less burdened by the invisible hand of responsibility.

Someone bought me a Leonard Maltin movie review book. I went though from A to Z and in a word doc (Word Perfect 5.0 I think) listed every movie that I’d ever seen (think I got to over 1,000) with a rating out of 10 and a write a short review. E.g. Highlander 2. 2/10. There can be only one, what the fuck was that!

Twice a year a major department store would have these massive sales (mid year and Christmas) and the mall would fill up with hundreds of people, all packed tightly entering/exiting the store. My friend and I would do what we called a city run. Essentially this comprised of me running with a wallet in my hand, storming through the masses, hurdling children etc, and my friend chasing me while angrily shouting something like “Stop that ##!@#, he’s got my $#@$ wallet!” The crowded would part like water for Moses, it was awesome.

My friend and I spent an entire 2 week school holiday (day and a most nights) playing Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. No girlfriends. I’m still freaked out by barrels, small monkeys and pirates, great graphics though. I think during the same period we also played an entire championship round of NBA Jam, working out to be like 40+ games of maybe 20 minutes each.

Staying on the video game thing.. my ex girlfriend and I also played the first Tomb Raider on PS1. She was the brains (still is) and I controlled Lara’s movement. Think we spent at least 2 months on this playing most nights, weekends and probably some days off uni/work. .. but, great way to fall in love hey?

I was in a restaurant (Pancake Parlour) and was bored waiting for my order to arrive. I challenged my friend across from me to maple syrup drinking contest. I sculled about 100ml of this shit and then didn’t eat for 2 days. I won! but really lost.

I went to a least 2 (maybe 3) 24 hour science fiction movie marathons that this indie cinema used to hold every year and it would include a good and bad collection of movies from Alien, Tremors to Barbarella. Good times with nerds that can build quite a stench after 24 hours of sitting and eating junk. We finished one of these at like 5.30am in the morning and walked over 7kms into the city as no public transport was in operation for several hours… this after 24hrs or movie watching.

The marathon thing would also be a regular thing my friends on the random weekends. Over one day and night we sat through all of the the original Star Wars Trilogy (pre prequels), then all six Star Trek movies (pre next Gen and excluding Final Frontier) and then for some retarded reason, watched New Jack City with Wesley Snipes. In between each movie, we’d listen to something on the CD player, Lithium by Nirvana comes to mind.

Other great time wasting activities involved reading mountains of comics (that I don’t read anymore), making mixed tapes, listing celebs that I wanted to sleep with (kind of still do that), playing Double Dragon in an actual arcade, eating deep fried pork chop with tomato sauce on rice, playing backyard cricket and batting through the entire West Indies 1984 squad from Greenidge to Marshall (greatest pace bowler ever, RIP man).

… I’ll stop this self indulgence here, I’m getting sad.


2 thoughts on “When’s The Last Time You’ve…

  1. I had a two month period between University and starting my career that was sheer bliss. I knew I had a job secured, so nothing to do there – but since I was fresh out of school I had no money to spend. I exhausted my days by lying in the sun in the backyard, painting my room for fun and killing myself with marathon TV stretches. I can’t possibly imagine what that kind of freedom feels like anymore.

    ugh.. v. depressing for a Monday!

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