Amused by the Misfortune of Others

Listen where you're going

“It’s always funny until someone gets hurt… and then it’s just hilarious”.. Ricochet by Faith No More (1995).

I too often big note myself as having a refined sense of humour. For example, I find the UK TV series Blackadder overwhelming funny and Mr Bean not so much – same guy, different target audiences i.e. intellectuals v children. In contrast, when I first saw South Park’s “Mr Hankey” singing in the toilet bowel, I thought, this is the best thing that I’ve ever seen. Guess this makes me diverse. What seems to really make me laugh is when dumb people do stupid things and then I get to witness some adverse outcome. WTF am I getting to? Read on my handful o’ readers…

About a week for so ago, I was getting some fish and chips for the wife and younglings at our local fish and chips (funny that) shop. I placed my order and the non very talkative Chinese man tells me the wait will be about 15 mins. I thought that’s fine which gives me time to listen to a podcast and a play game or two of Words With Friends. I had to ditch playing High Noon due to my racial incident some time back.

Anyway, while waiting for my deeply fried dinner to be prepared outside the shop, I noticed this teenager walking generally in my direction. He was I don’t know 15, smoking a cigarette (damn! I miss those things, not teenage boys, the cigarettes) and had DJ type headphones on. He seemed pretty into whatever he was listening as he was more dancing than walking but I also sensed that he was looking for an audience as he kept looking around to see if anyone was paying attention. At first I thought to myself, wanker… but was glad that I kept looking.

As he continues to look around and do his dance-walk hybrid, his head smacks full contact with wall mounted air-conditioning unit making this fanastic “clunk” sound followed by quite a long metallic reverb humming. To me it appeared that his head had bounced about 1 metre horizontally from the unit and threw the rest of his body to the ground.

I’m sure I was supposed to feel sorry for him, maybe even offer him a hand to get to his feet but my uncontrollable fit of laughter left me pretty much paralysed. All I could offer was “are you ok mate?” but given I was almost in tears, I don’t think he considered my concern to be totally genuine. Anyway, he attempted to regain his dignity by brushing himself off, locating and replacing headphones on his head then walking (not dancing so much) away.

People always say it’s the little things that make life worthwhile. Well, this certainly made my evening.


7 thoughts on “Amused by the Misfortune of Others

  1. Har! Even when I was a teen I loved it when attempted coolness blows up in spmeone’s face. When will people learn that coolness cannot be learned, it just develops in some.

    When you described the head bouncing, it caused the scene from the show Bottom where there is a drunk bookie that spils the beans about a sure thing at the races and he passes out with this great arching dive to the floor to pop into my head. Er, where would you put Bottom on the Blackadder/Mr. Bean scale (ignoring for a moment that R.A. doesn’t appear in any Bottom episode)?

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