No One Cares Anymore

I’ve come to the conclusion that most people aren’t worth saving.

It’s not that we’re surrounded by people engaged in criminal activity and forced to live out our lives in fear. Of course there are people living in such situations and comparisons to the idle complaints found in a typical western society are ridiculous. That’s not really where I’m going.

Maybe people haven’t changed, maybe they’ve always sucked and it’s just that I’ve been slow to realise this. It just seems to me that the level of care that people seem to extend to one another is either diminishing or often non existent. Decency, dignity, general politeness… these don’t seem like values that are highly regarded anymore.

Here’s a short list of things that I’ve noticed demonstrating my point:

  • No one gives up their seat on the train or bus for the elderly or pregnant women. I saw this recently, this near 80 year old women standing up next to me on a crowded train, trying very hard to keep her footing and in front of her, some dick in a suit on his ipad, two teens making out and not offer of “would you like my seat”. I had to politely say, “Hey, can someone please get up and offer this nice lady a seat?” The kissing face girl got up but the suit didn’t even look up. Guess this means that I’m going to be a very grumpy old man.
  • When a stranger accidentally bumped into you, in olden times this would be followed up by a “excuse me” or god forbid “sorry”. Now, it’s met with either a complete zero acknowledgement that you’re occupying physical space or a look of disdain that you didn’t make way for his or her majesty to pass. I must be super transparent as this seems to happen to me a lot.
  • Still on the bumping dilemma.. while walking with my 2 year old down a supermarket aisle (holding my hand), this arsehole bumps my kid while attempting to get past causing him to fall down. He doesn’t say a word, look up or anything, just continues walking as if nothing had occurred. I met him in the next aisle and bumped into him telling him next time, pick on someone his own size. Is it now ok to hip and shoulder toddlers – I must have missed the meeting on this.
  • Opening the door for a lady is not on. Ok, so this is a little old fashion but hey, this is how my mum brought me up. A few years back I was walking a city street and saw a young women with a tray of coffees struggling to open a door. I opened it for her, she walks through and says to me “you know, I’m not a helpless women who needs a man’s help”. I let the door go and walked off, causing her to drop the tray. What a bitch.

Seriously, I think I need to move to Japan where people would be ashamed at the occurrence of any of the above. Did you know that after the tsunami and earthquake hit, there were zero incidents of looting? They are truly the exception to this rule.

I think that’s it, people aren’t ashamed of their bad behaviour any more. As I said, no one cares anymore.

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6 thoughts on “No One Cares Anymore

  1. I hate to admit it but I’ve seen the same type of societal decay myself. The only thing we can do is to continue to try being courteous and teach our kids likewise. Hopefully, it will catch on.

    • It’s everywhere isn’t it. I thought my humble Australia may have been immune to such behaviour – sad. I like your positive outlook on raising a new generation of polite, well mannered children. I’ll keep that in mind the next time some cretin cuts me off on the road.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, my friend! Very well-written plea for human beingas to “step it up” and start turning things around.
    Very timely too, considering the situation in London.

  3. And here I thought only us Americans were assholes but apparently what I thought were the gentleman of the civilized world can be just as bad. I guess the phenomenon of being a dick is universal in this modern age. Great post! Seems I have a brother in my fight to bring manners back.

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