O Canada

Canada - You Rock!

I’m sure Canadians hate being mistaken for Americans. I’ve seen it a bunch of times when Canadian comedians tour and introduce themselves to an Australian audience (that’s me) that they’re not from the US.. and not to immediately judge them. Then again, Aussies don’t generally judge, we can’t normally be bothered.

Anyway, I’ve recently been obsessed with the new album from The Dears (Degeneration Street).. it’s very good. I don’t review music but there’s something special about this one. I assumed that they were an American band but then discovered.. nope Canadian. Huh? How about that. And then I thought to myself, I wonder how many other times I’ve made this mistake? I then picked a handful of bands that have been in the ipod’s rotation o plenty in recent years and then found..

Arcade Fire, the best indie band of the past few years – Canadian
KO’s – I don’t like hip hop until now (is Eminem hip hop)  – Canadian
Metric – bringing back the bands from the 90s with the super talented female lead – Canadian
Kittie – girl super powered heavy metal band – Canadian
Hot Hot Heat – no way, I thought they were from Boston or something – Canadian

I’m sure Canada would like to ex communicate their links to the Celine Dion (so awful and difficult to look at), Bryan Adams (almost as awful, especially after the mid 80s) and Nickelback (please don’t mistake these guys for hard rock, try Dave and the boys from the Foo Fighters). The bands listed are truly resetting Canadian music legacy.

All of this plus George St Pierre, the most amazing maple syrup, Bret Hart, Kiefer Sutherland and James T Kirk, I feel that respect must be paid the civilised patrons of North America. O Canada!

P.S. (haven’t done one of these before).. to see where this inspiration for this post came from, check out The Dears in the vid below. It’ll make you cry.


20 thoughts on “O Canada

  1. Great post, but as a Canadian I might be biased! We’ve gotten rid of Celine for the time being… she has a long-term contract in Los Vegas (Suckers! Ha-ha!).

    There are piles of Canadian musicians and actors you might know, like the original Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell). In between filming “You Only Live Twice” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, she starred in a Canadian TV series “Adventures in Rainbow Country”. She was the mother of two kids and they all lived in “the bush” (that’s Canadian for “the outback”, only the bears there like to eat something other than eucalypt, sometimes even Canadians!). The series was so bad, some parents used it as punishment! Ian Fleming is said to have spent some time at Camp X, a Second World War paramilitary and commando training installation outside of Toronto, Canada and got some inspiration for James Bond there.

    James T. Kirk’s chief engineer Scotty was played by James Doohan, also a Canuck, who was shot by friendly fire at Juno Beach on D-Day. A cigarette case stopped a bullet to his chest but he lost his right middle finger.

    It’s hard to tell us apart from Americans and aside from some accents belying our nationality, we appear to be unarmed Americans with health care and sensible shoes or skates.

    Speaking of skates (segue!), what could be more Canadian than hockey? I’m originally from Montreal where the oldest team, The Canadiens (yes, with an “E”…it’s from French) calls home. The Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups (the big North American championship titles) than any other team. They’ve been around 102 years but the last time they won a Stanley Cup was in 1993 — their 24th cup. So here’s another Canadian music video about The Canadiens. The music sampled is a song called “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (an American band) and while I’m not much of a fan of rap, I do like this song by Annakin Slayd. The hockey announcers are speaking Canadian French, in case you find it strange.

    • Thanks for the most comprehensive comment I’ve ever received.. have I struck a chord given that you’re a proud Canadian? First thing, congrats on getting that talentless freak out of your fine country. I’ve seen the building sized posters promoting her show in Las Vegas… hideously disturbing. I’m knew a lot of actors I like (especially Michael J Fox and Kiefer Sutherland) were Canadian.. but Moneypenny also? Can I just say, Lois Maxwell is the only ever true Moneypenny in my eyes, I was unsettled when they replaced her with the younger version (not good with change I guess). I’ve seen a little ice hockey but it’s touch warm down here for us to grow ice. The French.. a strange people.. Canadiens?. For me, a sport called Aussie Rules Football and a team called Collingwood fuels my sporting passion.

      • I don’t know if you’ve heard about the North American Free Trade Agreement. Apart from lifting duties on most stuff (except, for some reason, anything I want to get off of eBay) traded between Canada, U.S., and Mexico, we have to send most of our oil to The States (if we could keep our own oil, we wouldn’t have to import any from elsewhere). A condition of NAFTA is that as long as the Americans want our oil, they have to keep Celine. All in all, I think that’s fair.

        Cool clip! Was I seeing four goalposts or was the Foster’s making me see double?

      • This certainly does seem fair and far as fair trade agreements go. If she returned, I imagine there would be a mass exodus of Canadians over the border. The goal posts are used by which.. kick the ball through the centre posts = 6 points (referred to a goal) or through the one of the centre post and either of the smaller posts, 1 point. Great game – no protection.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I kind of mistook you for British. What can I say, your spelling of some words led me astray. And the “mate” thing, I guess could’ve gone either way. Anyhow, do you get that a lot or am I just an idiot? On second thought, don’t answer that.

    • You’ve just upset a lot of British people. Well, maybe the one British person reads my blog. It’s a mandatory thing to attached “mate” at the end of all statements.

    • A bit after the gun here but she’s from British Columbia… on the Pacific coast just like California and the people there have the same reputation for being flaky, just like Californians, so the transition to her role on Bay Watch was minimal.

      • If you’re telling me Celine Dion was ever on Bay Watch, I’m truly disturbed. BC, California and for us, Queensland. It’s funny how every country has a region that the collective is truly ashamed of.

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