Strang-er Encounter

Care Bears line up-1
You know you want it

Have you ever noticed that whenever it’s your intention to avoid contact with people, that by some strange act of cruelty strangers somehow force their way into your space and interact with you without reason?

For me, I like to go for a walk during lunch time, I also like very much not to talk to people that I don’t know unless I have too. The exceptions being the person making me coffee, serving me food etc. As far as all the other people on the street or in a cafe on on a tram or whatever, don’t talk to me, I’m generally unpleasant to strangers. Actually that’s not entirely true, I normally come across as being quite polite to people I don’t know, such as “no no, you go first” or “I’m sorry” (if I’ve bumped into them), which is then normally followed by a friendly response of indifference. I don’t why I bother, my standard response in my imagination is “no no, you fuck off” or “I’m not sorry, you say sorry and I’ll take my foot off your throat”.

So I’m walking back from lunch and I see this collection of junk by the footpath (pavement for some). It was essentially a combination of office rubbish (old monitors, a filing cabinet, some boxes and folders etc) which I’m assuming was about to get dumped or collected by the local council. Anyway, as I get closer I can see that amongst this junk I was a oversized sized (like a 8 year old sized child that is) Care Bear stuffed toy, I think it was like lime green and probably had a stupid name like Twinkle. It did seem odd sitting there amongst this office waste, odd enough that I actually slowed my walking pace to double check that I wasn’t seeing things.

Then out of my field of vision this homeless guy (either that or he was just dirty and drinking in the middle of the day) calls out to me and says “hey, that’s not free”. I turned around surprised as I didn’t think anyone was nearby and replied “what?” (I’m very eloquent non?).

The strang-er conversation then goes like this… (and is further evidence to show that even as adults, you should never talk to strangers)…

Vagrant: You can’t have that, the bear, it’s not yours.

Innocent Bystander (Me): I wasn’t planning on taking it, just surprised to see this on the side of the road with this other crap.

Vagrant: Yeah, I saw you looking at it. It’s not for you ok?

Me: Yes I was looking and still not interested.

Vagrant: It’s a nice teddy bear but it’s rubbish someone left out. You can have the other stuff though.

Me: No, no I’m good. But thanks, is this stuff yours? (knowing that it probably wasn’t but hey, how could I let this good time end so quickly hey?).

Vagrant: Naaaaaa. I’ll probably take the bear though.

Me: Ok then. Bye mate.

As I leave this fine gentleman to his own devices, I turn around one last time to see him collecting the lime coloured bear off the pile of rubbish, holding it by it’s head then returning his spot on the footpath. Then I thought, my son outrageously has TWO teddy bears that he sleeps with… but I found the homeless dude with his one bear quite fascinating.


5 thoughts on “Strang-er Encounter

  1. You and I are so different… I tend to cut into the front of a queue just to tell the next person “No, you go first” in the hope that it will spark a conversation inside the bus!

  2. I should be more assertive I suppose. This may prevent a future situation where I board said bus with a concealed semi automatic weapon, wait for an insensitive prick to cut me off, display weapon openly and scream BRING IT.

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