More of nothing to say

Image by keoshi via Flickr

So it’s been sometime since I’ve had anything interesting to say. Actually that’s a big assumption on my part that what I’m about to tell you is at all interesting or significant. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve probably realised already that this is an outlet for often nonsensical ravings of a person that in olden times, would have been committed long ago.

I think my problem is essentially that I spend too much time observing the world and unfortunately fixating of the stuff that really pisses me off. The world full of retarded people and I don’t mean the mentally handicapped, truly retarded in my mind is a person that has the capacity not to be a complete waste of space human being but choose to be. Recent examples..

  • an old woman in McDonalds who insisted on telling me “i think you have to buy the family dinner pack to get the promotional football poster” when I was asking a staff member, can I please buy that poster separately even though I know it comes as part of the dinner pack promotion. And she touched my arm while telling me this, as if I couldn’t understand English.
  • a doofus removalist truck driver that was parked on a busy road in rush hour, who decided to open and leave open the outward swinging back door of his truck.. for at least 2 minutes, causing about 50 cars to back pile up behind him.

I think I’ve truly come to despise my fellow-man. I see so few examples of basic common sense and more importantly, consideration of others that I have  this continued desire to assassinate any person that does stupid things. Maybe I’ve lost faith or I am not spending my time in circles where I can witness inspiring behaviour.

Anyway, everyone needs an outlet. For me it used to be bitchin’ in this blog but in recent times I’ve felt that writing this stuff down is more of an exercise of collecting evidence in the case against the human race as opposed to feeling relief by unburdening myself of the irritations that plague me. Maybe I need real problems, like a terminal disease to put things in perspective. Who knows?

So my outlet has been pretty simple, listening to the same CD (Anemia – Tool) pretty much every single time I have the need for blood. For me, the slow methodical, loud and truly angst ridden but articulate darkness they convey in their music really hits the mark. It makes me feel like I’m rising against the dumbness and allowing the band to crush these morons with heavy, bone crushing riffs. I’d recommend the below when you have the need for violence but don’t fancy going to prison and getting raped in the communal shower.

Either I have OCD as I’ve almost exclusively listened to this album in the last 2-3 months or I’m angry too often. Oh well, it’s my therapy.


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