Who is Natalie Tyler Tran?

I used to think the You Tube served no purpose except to waste people’s time at work. Not that it doesn’t and not that wasting time at work isn’t a noble pursuit but.. anyway I’ve quickly deviated off topic which is the frustration of having a keenly developed (or easily distracted) mind.

Anyway prior to be introduced to Australia’s most popular You Tuber (is that what a You Tube video poster is referred to? If not, copyright that), I really believed You Tube was for watching footage of Jennifer Hawkins‘ wardrobe malfunction or latest Lovable Lingerie TV ad. Again, if this is the second time you’ve heard this name from reading my blog and you still don’t know who I’m talking about, please stop reading and remedy this immediately.

How I discovered this You Tube juggernaut is not that interesting. In a nutshell, was looking up news on the latest Comic-Con and an amusing, self deprecating video of this Australian (yet suspiciously Asian looking) so incredibly excited to be in LA experiencing geek heaven first hand – I was most jealous but drawn in by her enthusiasm.

Here’s the summary.. Natalie Tyler Tran has the most subscribed channel (“Community Channel”) in Australia, she’s funny (of course that’s subjective, so please watch the below and form your own view), charming and her observations are strange yet mostly true.

I hope she gets her own TV show one day… truly talented, non Kardashians deserve success too – and Natalie does this without having a leaked sex tape.


5 thoughts on “Who is Natalie Tyler Tran?

  1. Pretty good… I’ll have to check out her channel right after I get back from my lunch break. Her family name is a common Vietnamese name, in case you’re wondering. We occasionally hear rants from bozos like the one she got here in Canada, too.

    I’m a white Canadian (actually, sort of on the pink side except in summer when I go a bit crimson) and used to teach English second language. A student from South Korea who was here on business for a couple of years responded to my question about what the students liked about Canada by saying “I have a chance to meet exotic people like you.” It’s all relative.

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