Now you see, the changing of the worrd is inevitabre!

Kim Jong Il
it was inevitabre

It’s been a good year in terms of bad people being removed from the planet.

I mean we were off to a flying start with Osama getting shot in the eye (in the fucking eye) by Navy Seals back in May. Then Gadaffi getting beaten to death in the back of a pick up truck (that’s a very American vehicle – ironic no?) by rebels and then apparently violated with a stick/knife or something in August. And now, the hat trick is complete with the completely deserved passing of North Korean funny man, Kim Jong Il today.. Merry Christmas to all.

You probably remember him from his outstanding work on Team America which from my understanding, was surprisingly realistic and not a satirical as the South Park boys led you to believe. Unfortunately his demise was not as overly violent as experienced by oppressive brothers from earlier this year but I understand that the NK government went to great lengths to conceal just how very ill (get it, il!) he really was and that there may have been some suffering involved. Let’s certainly hope so.

As far as dictators go, Lil Kim had a pretty short stint as self professed “supreme leader” for North Korea, capturing the gig after Daddy Il also got claimed by a heart attack (I’m sure he was also a good guy). Anyway, with only 10 years under his belt, Kim certainly made the most of his time by:

  • essentially starving his people to near death..
  • suppressing all human rights and personal freedom..
  • amassing a collection of 200,000 political prisoners (he must have a massive Guantanamo complex)..
  • sending North Koreans to essentially work as slaves in Siberian labour camps (fuck man, I’m not sure that the Russians even do that to their people anymore.. I could be wrong) so that he could raise money for his war machine..
  • imprisoning and or executing countless countrymen who spoke il (I can’t help myself) of the Kim and his oppressive regime..
  • etc and goddamn etc..

So good bye Kim. I hope your passing was incredible drawn out, super painful and humiliating. Personally I’m hoping there was continued loss of bladder function and pain levels experienced by the most sever prostate cancer victims. You deserve that at a fucking minimum.


7 thoughts on “Now you see, the changing of the worrd is inevitabre!

  1. Great post! I once stayed at a place that was next door to KJI’s daddy’s summer place but, unfortunately, didn’t get to see the inside. Now Kim Jong Un (Slogan: “I’m number Un!”) is in and time will tell if he’s as big a megalomaniac as his dad and gramps. Time for World Police II.

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