Appendix A: You are not special

line thing with average area vu qoc
We all = Average

Just an additional note to my previous post, maybe the world’s full of assholes because we’re brought up to believe that everyone is special, has something unique that can’t be found in anyone else, that our opinion should be voiced and that we’re never fucking wrong. Well guess what MF, you and I are pretty much everyone else don’t have any of these things going on.

Most people are average and not special (like me and probably you), some are below average and suck (like KKK members and rapists), and then there are those few and I mean like a handful do have something that makes them special (like Meryl Streep).

So let’s stop it with celebrating the average and mundane and maybe people will pull their heads from them asses and start being civil to each other.


4 thoughts on “Appendix A: You are not special

  1. See, you’re wrong. You’re special because you recognise that you’re not special. Quite the paradox, eh?

    By the way, Jessica Alba is pretty special, too. And I don’t mean “special” in the have-to-wear-a-hockey-helmet-at-all-times kind of way.

    • Thanks man, I rarely feel special and agree, Jessica Alba is special in so many ways, so much so that even in a special needs hockey helmet, she’d still look very special. Good call.

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