Start Ignoring Everyone

Anger Controlls Him
how you make me feel

I’ve essentially worked out that what annoys me the most is having to regularly interact with other people. I’m not referring to friends, family and other people I know (although they can be annoying at times as well) but more specifically, people I encounter normally just the once but have a last impression on me and lead me to lose faith in the very essence of humanity, i.e. strangers.

In many ways this blog has been a diary of people that have pissed me off in a big fucking way, leading to rage. Let’s recap:

– the moron in the lie down bicycle stopping traffic on a major highway
– the homeless man telling me that I shouldn’t steal a dis guarded Care Bear soft toy, which I didn’t want
– the asshole who took wanted to throw down when I accidentally, almost took his car parking space even after apologising
– the elderly customer at McDonalds in line who insisted that I need to buy a Mc Happy Meal to get my football poster and that paying for it separately was not an option
– the guy that decides walking into my 2 year old (now 3) in the supermarket aisle would not result some sort of reaction.

I have more, many more recent examples that I just don’t have the strength to write about anymore. Essentially, I’m now in a place where I’m anticipating that people will act in bad faith before ever assuming they wont. As an experiment, I was driving in pretty heavy traffic and gave way to  5 oncoming drivers due to a car parked and blocking a two lane street, I made the point to carefully observe every driver passing. Question, how many provided (what used to be the customary) thank you wave or gesture of any sort? Answer, ready… 0/5. Point proven.

So, this is probably not news to any normal person living in today’s society of “get ahead” or “I’m no. 1! and you suck” undertones and I guess I’m retarded enough to believe people are essentially good and it’s only a small proportion of people that deserve to die horribly.

So I hereby proclaim that yes, pretty much everyone is fucking moron, and is out to piss me off and will never change unless I get physically violent and or remove them off the face of this earth. I’ve been delusional for too long and have to accept this as a fact and stop getting so incredibly fucking agitated by people that I shouldn’t give a fuck about in the first place.

Until I’m given the power by some spiritual force or government agency to kill strangers without damnation or punishment, I guess I’m just going to have to let these fuckers get the best of me and like the rest of you, tolerate and ignore people that should be dealt with brutal force as opposed to just being politely ignored.


4 thoughts on “Start Ignoring Everyone

  1. Generally I assume a stranger is an imbecile until he proves otherwise. Where I live people wave a thank you if you let them go ahead or signal that there’s a speed trap ahead but, for some strange reason, they’ll honk and flash their lights at you if you pass them while they’re going 20 kmh below the speed limit.

    And then there was the time I was going to work and there was just me and one other guy at a three lane intersection, one lane each dedicated for going left, straight, or right. I was in the middle and a guy pulls up in a van in the right hand lane. Being sleep deprived and noticing the warning lights on the lift bridge coming on, I didn’t think that the guy could have turned right on the red signal, but didn’t. So the light goes green and the guy cuts me off to get into my lane! So a couple of blocks away (1 km from the lift bridge) there’s a dreaded level crossing. Oh how I wish I had installed a train horn in my car like some of the guys with tuners do… I would have hit the train horn as the guy crossed the train tracks, no doubt soiling his car’s upholstery!

    • I think this is a safe assumption.. i.e. people are imbeciles – BTW, I love that word, it’s just not used enough in today’s language. Sadly people in my town (of 3.5M) used to wave, say thank you etc.. but the times are a charging. Sigh.

  2. There was actually a time in your life where you didn’t assume strangers were assholes who’s sole purpose in life was to irritate and anger you? I have not been so lucky.

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