God bless characters I can relate too

God Bless America
God Bless America (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

Back in the day and before you were born, there was a strange comedian called Bobcat Goldthwait who appeared in some pretty shitty movies that make up the Police Academy franchise. He did a lot of screaming which scared animals and old people. Funny but not super ha ha funny. Anyway, Bobcat (there are worse names, like Kardashian) evolved to become a director of low budget independent movies that I’m sure you’ve not heard of.

I watched his latest creation “God Bless America” is a black comedy about Frank. Frank is generally miserable as a result of his deteriorating relationships with his ex wife and uncaring daughter, his shitty job, a recent diagnosis of a brain tumor and the unrelenting supply of reality television.

Frank decides that offing himself is a good solution. While attempting to end it all with a handgun in mouth, he’s distracted by this obnoxious rant of this piece of shit reality star super bitch teenager who naturally has her own TV show. She’s famous for abusing her parents, picking on unpopular kids, telling all that she’s beautiful and has lots of money. He decides that killing her for essentially being unkind is something he needs to do before ending his own life. Frank (the everyday man’s superhero) decides to shoot her in the face as she’s getting into her expensive car after school.

He then teams up with a teenage schoolgirl who witnesses his act of decent murder. She (Roxy) eventually encourages him to dish out a range his vengence taking a road trip with her that essentially becomes a wonderful and completely justified spree of murders. Their victims include of society scumbags such as:

  • the shithead that takes up two car parking spaces
  • retarded teens won’t stop talking during a movie
  • the anti gay fuckers who protest gay funerals
  • Glenn Beck type, right wing antichrists who spread hate of all minorities.

The point of all of this this is, low movie speaks volumes to me. While it won’t appeal to all, it certainly strikes a chord for those that ever desired to take the law into their own hands and stand up against shitty behaviour.


5 thoughts on “God bless characters I can relate too

  1. I am old enough to remember Bobcat. Scrooged comes to mind. Bill Murray plays to main role. If I remember correctly his character name was Frank. Bobcat threatened people with a gun in that movie. So many parallels. Gotta watch God Bless America to rid my brain of them. I’m more of a perpendicular kind of guy.

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