When you’re right, you could be wrong

So I have a job, I know difficult to believe given the amount of valuable time I’m throwing into playing games on my iphone but yes, I work and have to interact with others and be civil and sometimes not be myself (sigh).

Anyway, this post is going to be quite dull (hooray) as the subject matter is.. well.. dull. But the gist of the tale.. for the last 4 weeks I’ve been telling people that I’m accountable to (stakeholders in the biz) that I’m going to do something. This something involves making sure that I ask someone else to do this something. Compelling reading. So, I confirm that this something will be done by the someone on 1 Feb, I tell all my someones (remember, stakeholders) that 1 Feb is the date. Then in mid Jan I receive an email by the someone telling me that 1 Feb is no good and this will be moved out to 14 Feb (Valentines Day, no relation). I read or at least think I read the someone’s email but completely fail to identify the message regarding delay. Then 2 weeks pass. I call my someone and say hey, you’ve got a couple of days till 1 Feb, looking forwards to seeing my something. They say, hey, I told you 14 Feb why the rush. I then proceed to build myself a pedestal, email the someone and the someone’s boss, saying hey, I didn’t get no god damn message about the delay to the something. See where this is going friends, cause I sure as fuck didn’t… The someone then re-sends me their email (that they’d already sent me 2 weeks earlier), saying please find the email telling you the something is getting delayed. The someone should have said, read you’re fucking emails, or how retarded are you, or can you read? etc. The someone was nice enuff not to rub my face in it but I still feel as dumb as shit.

Hooray for today. Tomorrow I get to tell my boss that I’ve fucked up the something and couldn’t organise my someone (which meant reading what the someone sent me, twice already).

How am I even employed. WTF.


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