Totally gruntled

English: Adam Carolla at 107.7 The End's Lonel...
English: Adam Carolla at 107.7 The End’s Lonely Hearts Valentines Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was listening to my favorite pod-caster.. Adam Carolla.

He raised a valid point that people are often disgruntled but vary rarely gruntled. Then I wondered, is grunted even a word? It has to be right? You can be dis-something if that something actually meant nothing? Wow, that’s a beautiful statement.

Well the ever exhaustive spell check (one of the things making us stupider every day, that and sat nav) thought that I’d made a typo.. yet the dictionary (do you kids know what that is?) defines gruntled as satisfied. There you go.

Anyway, I’m totally grunted with this post.


One thought on “Totally gruntled

  1. Gruntled totally doesn’t sound like a word that would mean satisfied.

    However, having said that – I used to use the word Nonplussed all the time, but mostly incorrectly. I thought it meant ‘Not particularly bothered, disinterested or maybe not fussed either way” whereas it apparently means something closer to confused or perplexed.

    Anywho.. I also used to use what I thought the root word was ‘Plussed’ all the time. Apparently that is totally not a word.

    And I must sound like a moron.

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