And the point is

Writing here is like raising the dead.. in that my blog that has been uncared for like a home that has been run down over the years, untended and probably not that great a place in the first place.

Let’s be honest, writing here was just a cathartic method of unloading a tormented mind into words, so that I could go on and function in the world.. hiding my true thoughts from others and make it appear that all is calm. Unfortunately not much has changed, well expect the world is a shittier place, with less caring people, and governments in power that the selfish truly deserve.

So the point is.. like most things in this world, there is not point. I don’t have anything interesting or particularly insightful to share. Haven’t developed any greater wisdom during the 3 plus years that I stopped writing here. That’s a shame, I do hear about people developing, growing, you know.. going on the journey. Fuck journey, there’s a buzz word we can all do without.

Here’s my journey, in 3 years, I’m as cynical as I’ve always been, have less energy to confront the things in life that piss me off and have loss even more faith in the nature of people. Inspiration from external is zero. Life is a little harder, a bit less shiny (as if it ever was) and I’m closer to dying.. well there’s one thing to be happy about.

So what now. I’ll write here, rant occasionally and be heard like I’ve always been, never and by no-one. Big fun.


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