Don’t like the Foo Fighters.. WTF??

“I’d like to dedicate this song that’s only popular in Germany to the people with the shittiest fucking seats in the whole stadium” Dave Grohl in Melbourne 2/12/11.

I was able to capture just a little comedic magic from the front man of one of my favourite bands on my iPhone.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Foo Fighters and seeing them play 2 an half hour show last week was a privilege. While this is might starting like a love song dedication that you’d hear on a shitty radio station, I think I’ve got a man-crush on the dude.

I was trying to think recently if I could trade places (you know like the Eddie Murphy /Dan Ackroyd movie), I’m not sure I could top being Dave. I mean, he’s 100% rock star, part of one of the best bands in the last 20 years (name than 5 bands that are better, I dare you), looks like he loves what he does, is totally fan oriented, is really funny without at all trying and is friends with Jack Black (who was also there with Kyle Gass).

Anyway, if you passively listen to the Foo Fighters or think “they’re ok but I don’t really know their stuff”, then you’re fucking moron and missing out. Listen to the 4rd* best album ever recorded “The Color And The Shape“, then listen to “Everlong” and if you still don’t feel something, seriously sign up as an extra for The Walking Dead.

And seriously, if you do get a chance to see them live (this time was my 4th), it will change you.


Celebrity Prostitute Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...
I'm a whore that deserves to die

Not that long ago, you actually had to do something or being talented to become a celebrity. I don’t feel this is the case anymore. Or maybe it’s just the definition of celebrity has changed. For example, if you’re a renown actor, sportsperson, musician, you’re a celebrity. Now, you can make an amateur sex tape, star on a piece of shit reality TV program or felate a president and you also become famous. Seems a bit unfair as previously you needed to have a skill or talent that people actually appreciated, now being a sensationalist whore gets you headlines as well.

I’ve mentioned previously that I really like to see Kim Kardashian buy a violent death. She’s a talentless prostitute who contributes nothing (actually she does but it’s all negative) and yet was the most searched person on the web last year. And, she made like over 40 million bucks as well. I don’t get this and I kind of don’t want to. She makes a sex tape which I have no issue with except she wasn’t very good in it. But here’s the thing that annoys me..  girls (and I’m guessing are really young, idealistic and impressionable) want to be like her when she appears to me to be the ultimate anti role model. I’m not a moralist but if I had a daughter, I’d not be wrapped her idol dresses, acts and looks like a street walker, who is essentially retarded and would have my daughter thinking that this is what boys really want and encouraging her to pop her cherry by the time she was 11. I guess Paris is to blame for similar influences. I hate her too.

There used to be a time when a total prostitute like Kim Kardashian would only get famous for say, hooking up with an A grade celebrity who was on a drug fueled bender and willing to fuck really anything that was presented in front of him. Then after waking up in a hospital bed resulting from both a near death overdose, coupled with the myriad of STDs that he got from his hooker hookup, would see clearly, apologise emotionally to the public and dump her in Guinness record time.

Then the fun bit happens.. there is then zero interest in her from anyone, press, fans, anyone. Realising this, she’s then replicates her ex’s drugged fueled bender but this time, no one gives a shit about what’s going on and she’s allowed, uninterrupted to funnel a death sentence volume of drugs into her pin cushion arms, is found throwing up outside a nightclub (of which no one cares enough to intervene), passes out in a nearby dumpster and then is found 15 days later, significantly decomposed. This picture gets out and is the last image we see and remember of her (then completely forget about say a week later).

I look forward to this fate be falling Kim and all of the sub-human Kardashians for the pure evil they perpetrate on the world. Then, we don’t have to put up with seeing her anymore. I’d like to see a version of her show called Burying the Kardashians. If only I could host and get to personally dispatch her, I’d be most pleased.

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Hate Charlie Sheen

Hot Shots! Part Deux

Are you going to look me straight in the face (not that this medium really provides that facility) and tell me that you hate Charlie Sheen?

Why? Do you have a reason.. what’s he doing that directly affects your life? The choices he makes, crazy (and often hilarious) antics he engages in, awesome things he’s ranting, these things affect one person at the end of the day, Charlie Sheen, not you! So seriously get over it.

There’s a lot of hate out there for him. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that the mental and verbal filter that applies to pretty much everyone on this planet doesn’t apply to him anymore. He’s chosen to say what he thinks, when he thinks it, without contemplating or caring how people how they’ll react. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could do that? Sure it has consequences but seriously, I don’t think he cares that much. Newsflash.. neither should you.

10 reasons to stop hating this level 25 warlock who’s on a drug called “charlie sheen”

1) He hasn’t killed anyone: There’s a lot of people who have committed great acts of malevolence on society and deserve your hatred. Col Gadaffi for example, he’s a madman dictator that’s not going to be removed without a tonne of innocent bloodshed. Hate that guy instead.

2) He’s just being honest: I kind of touched on this already. He speaks without feeling the burden of consequence, it must be liberating. If you don’t like what he says, then stop listening. I don’t think he cares either way. For those that are enjoying his brutally blunt account of his world and his opinions, please leave us alone.

3) He’s smarter and definitely wittier than your average celebrity in meltdown mode: Much like say Robert Downey Jr, Charlie is still super switched on. He’s nuts but can still string eloquent (while being hyper vigilant), well thought out answers to questions from dumb ass reporters. You’d expect someone high on whatever he’s taking to be completely incoherently, shouting random words that don’t form complete sentences and stumbling around like a wasted homeless vagrant…. I haven’t seen this yet, neither have you.

4) Because you’re jealous or an ultra feminist: He lives with a hot porn star and some other chick who might as well be one. Nuff said.

5) Celebrating the downfall of some famous isn’t cool: There’s a fascination a lot of people have with watching people with high profiles self destruct while getting off from watching the process unfold. Like Mel Gibson and Britney Spears, there was this sense of “watch this.. it’s going to be awesome seeing him/her hit rock bottom”. What’s good about this? Why do people want to put $ on Charlie Sheen killing himself? It’s perverse.

6) Deep down, you still love Charlie Sheen: Admit it. He’s still charming, funny guy just like he was in Hot Shots 2. Sure he’s rougher around the edges and maybe not as subtle but he’s still be able to easily sweet talk your sister into a threesome with one of his porn star girlfriends.

7) Because if you really hated him, you wouldn’t be as super obsessed (as I am) as to what’s is happening with him every day. I swear, his strongest haters have all subscribed to his Twitter ‘tweets’

8) He’s a great actor (maybe not in 2.5 men, but I don’t really think that he’s fault) who’s got a lot more to give. Don’t believe me? Have you seen Platoon, Wall Street, Major League and of course the immortal.. Hot Shots 2? No, well then you don’t get to call him a shit actor. When he returns in some breakout acting role and picks up a well deserved Oscar, the haters can kiss his arse.

9) Because if you met him in real life, you’d forgot all the “I hate Charlie Sheen” crap, run up to him, say hi and ask for an autograph.

10) Is your life so empty and without reason that you bother spending time hating someone that you don’t know and more importantly doesn’t know or care about you? If so, Charlie Sheen isn’t the only one with problems.

Top 10 People Who Deserve To Die

Celine Dion performing "Taking Chances&qu...
The First One To Go

While everyone’s got good money on Charlie Sheen not making it say to the end of the month with his drug induced lifestyle and historic drinking binges, I’d question whether he actually deserves to die.. I can think of countless others I’d prefer to see get taken out.. so here’s my Top 10 List of People who Deserve to Die (no particular order), or if they’re already dead, should be resurrected and killed again.

1) Celine Dion. Do I need to spell this out? Untalented, super unattractive horse-like deformed sub human who is responsible for putting out the worst music of all time. Nuff said.

2) Kim Kardashian. She’s the reason that we as a society no longer have any shame. A celebrity no one that makes bad porn and essentially tells every little girl that you can be a prostitute and still earn $30M a year

3) Chung Ju-Yung (founder of Hyundai Motors) for being responsible for the world’s biggest piece of shit automobile range, especially the Hyundai Excel.

4) Whoever made Highlander 2, the worst sequel of all time proving that there should have only been one.

5) Caleb Bradham, founder of Pepsi who should have understood the futility of making a sub level version of Coke that tastes like cough syrup and for burning Michael Jackson’s hair.

6) Members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for giving Forrest Gump the Best Film Oscar over Pulp Fiction. If Vincent Vega was a retard, maybe it would have been in with a shot.

7) Whoever told George Lucas to putting fucking Ewoks in Jedi.

EIGHT) The guy that pixelates Japanese porn.

9) Rick Ocasek, famine ridden lead singer of “The Cars” and creepy husband of the world’s most attractive supermodel, Paulina Porizkova.

10) The maker of Itunes, the world’s most un-user-friendly software that we’re all forced to use against our will.